Laura is an intuitive mind-body-soul healer who was devastated when her sister committed suicide. A She tried other treatments, including EFT and EMDR. They helped but they did not relieve her upsets. Two months after the suicide she discovered AFT.  In an hour she was able to let go of her grief and get on with her life. 

Laura, USA

Lia suffered sadness and grief she could not overcome after a breakup.  Every time she thought of what happened she was sad and cried. After using the AFT grief narrative she felt neutral, like it had happened to someone else and was just a story she was telling herself.

Lia, Australia

Brian lost his son about years ago.  He has been dealing with Grief, Anger, and Depression.

Brian, USA

Karen loss her husband 4 years ago and has been suffering with the grief since. Hear her experience while listening to the AFT Grief narrative, and how she can now remember her lost love and feel happy again.

Karen, USA

Bernie is an example of how grief and depression frequently coexist. Her emotional upsets led to physical problems (Bell’s palsy & back pain). She tried EFT and TFT but could not get any relief. She used both the AFT grief and depression narrations and both her emotional and physical problems disappeared.

Bernie, Canada

Rachel M. lost her lifestyle and best friend when she divorced.  She fell into what seemed to be a depressive fog. Really she wanted her old life and love back. Read or listen to how after seven years she got herself and her enthusiasm for life back in an hour.

Rachel, UK

Ahmad lives in Saudi Arabia. He lost his mother, and along with his sister, he experienced a severe grief reaction.  Saudi’s are very family oriented, and a Muslims believe that you should suffer and grieve for a long time after the loss of someone close. Their reaction to the AFT grief relief program was classic.  
 4/12/2020 3:52 AM
To   Kurt EBERT 
Dear Dr. Ebert,
I hope you’re safe and your family too.
I would like to share my/my sister experience regarding Grief file. I have tried the file on my self and on my sister. She was in deep grief! The overall experience was totally great. Let’s say from scale 1-10 I am currently swinging between 0 and 1. Allow me to share what happened with me / sister in a table:
           Me Before
     My Sister Before
       Me After
    My Sister After
Deep Sadness and Crying
YES (Almost all the time)
YES (All the time)
Yes (Rarely)
Tightness in Chest and Throat
Tightness in the back of the neck and headache in the back of the head spreading to the top
Yes (It happened during first time listening to the file only and she got frightened)
Numbness in the body
Yes (after the file is over)
Yes (after the file is over)
Yes (every time she ends the file)
Having flashes of memory during listening to the file
YES and the weird thing that I had flashes of memories related to my father who passed away 16 years back
YES (same as my comment)
Yes during the second day and third day of playing the file.
The above feelings are exactly what happened. There is another thing happening with my sister. Sometimes her kids trying to make her smile or laugh. She responds with a smile and suddenly she starts to cry after. She is feeling that it is no appropriate to smile or laugh and she suppose to cry! Is that grief or kind of depression?
Finally, Me and my sister would like to express our deep gratitude for your great work and it really helped a lot.  I can say it is wonderful and you will notice that I will re-purchase the file regularly whenever I feel other family members need to have it. Thanks a lot Dr. Ebert.
 Best Regards,
In a follow-up email, I told Ahmad that his sister was experiencing a guilt reaction I call “Covert blame”. Covert blame is self-blame, fear of screwing up, or anger/irritation when you do. I sent him instructions on what she should focus on and something to energetically disconnect from it and here was his response:
On May 7, 2020 at 8:58 AM wrote:
Hello Dr. Ebert,
Thanks a lot. We are all doing well. I hope the same for you.

Somehow my sister focused on exactly what you have mentioned below while listening to the file you sent. She is now totally different and feeling really happy. Yesterday I tried the same file on myself for something bothered me a lot in my work. I used the Emitter and played the file. I guess it took 10 minutes to start feeling much better and have a good night sleep. Amazing! I will try again now on a different issue (Both have the same nature).

Ahmad B.  Saudi Arabia