What are Attractor Fields?

 “Attractor” is the term mathematicians and physicists use to describe an abstract concept: “the thing into which other related things evolve or manifest across time”. Attractors attract and hold on to things like magnets hold iron.  In the Mind the attraction is to things that have the similar emotional energy. Attractors are behind the things we say, do, or feel, again, and again, and again; they are why we keep doing them. Attractor fields define our lives: emotions attract like emotions, like behaviors, and like outcomes. They are why grief, depression, and PTSD symptoms are so much of a problem.

Attractor Field Therapy (AFT) has identified the Mind’s various emotional attractors and has developed energetic methods of eliminating them. The goal of AFT is to energetically free Minds from their inherited, and “life scuffed” perspectives and themes; to remove the hidden energetic anchors that keep us from happiness by locking us into a pattern of unfulfilling and self-defeating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. If you are unhappy with your life the attractors in your Mind are the cause.

Medicine and Psychology view the Mind quite differently than AFT.  In these scientific disciplines, the Mind is seen as synonymous with the brain.  This is in spite of powerful evidence to the contrary: MRI studies have found people with no more brain tissue than an average cat who possess superior intellect. To the detriment of science how the Mind can arise from matter has never even been studied.  In AFT the Mind is seen as a collection of energetic fields that are inherited from our ancestors and influenced by life circumstances. We don’t have to be taught how to think.  Thinking just happens, then we take credit for it. Actually, it is built-in, part of the human package.

Physicians see the Mind as an outgrowth of the physical brain and use drugs to influence thoughts and emotions. The problem with drugs is that they are palliative.  When you stop them the problem comes back. Rather than changing the Mind, drugs merely “lower the volume on your radio”. Sometimes Psychiatrists follow the lead of Psychologists and use “talk therapy”, but their most important tools are chemicals.

Psychology follows a different path than Medicine, taking its cue from studying the behavior of lower animals, like mice and pigeons. Psychologists infer that the same “Stimulus-Response” mechanisms that govern mouse behavior rule humans as well. After all, a brain is a brain, and what works for one should work for all. Consciousness is taken for granted, and it is believed that change occurs through consciously changing old upsetting thoughts and behaviors.

Thus, rehearsing and/or repeating new thoughts and behaviors is the technique psychologists think can change your feelings and improve your life.  The process is like having a mouse run through a maze many times until it learns to navigate the maze better.  These techniques do work, within limits: they help you navigate your Minds maze. But they are palliative and they do not get rid of the underlying problem. 

The human Mind is actually quite different than that of lower animals.  The human Mind contains energies and processes that are absent from creatures lower on the totem pole of life. We are self-aware. We know that we exist. We are both conscious and self-conscious.  We are driven by wants, not just needs. And lastly, believe it or not, we have a soul.

How should we view the Mind and its controlling emotional attractors? This analogy may help. Think of the Mind not as unseeable energy, but rather a pile on iron filings under the influence of a myriad of magnets.  Each magnet has its own particular impersonal influence on how, and in which direction, the filings are pulled. The shape the pile assumes, pleasing or not, is impersonally determined by the magnets involved.

The “magnets” of the Mind are its emotional attractor fields. Attractor fields are seen as integral aspects of Conscious Electro Magnetic Information Field Theory (CEMI) proposed and explicated by Dr. Johnjoe McFadden author of Quantum Evolution: Life in the Multiverse (2000, HarperCollins) 

To change the Mind you need to change or alter the magnets (attractor fields) that shape the Mind.  That is what the Attractor Field Techniques does. Using the same energy system underlying Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), the disturbing energies of the Mind are selectively normalized, dissolved, or disconnected. It is similar in action to Trans-Cranial Magnetic stimulation but does not require the same strong magnetic fields, expensive equipment, or the number of lengthy treatment sessions.

Emotions drive us. They influence our view of, and reaction to, everything.  Emotions influence us through their energy. It is not easy to understand how the Mind works.  No one really knows for sure. What is known is that the Mind is not what you think or been taught.

The Mind is not a physical thing and it is most assuredly not in the brain.  It is not like anything else we have encountered in the universe. The Mind seems to be an energy field that uses the brain like a radio receiver (Sir John Eccles, 2001).  There is no announcer inside a radio; the radio works with energies it pulls from the air. The Mind does the same thing. We live in a sea of energy that we cannot perceive, just experience through our Minds. It has a name, “Layered Intelligence Forming Energies”, and is part of the the “M” field, first discovered by Robert Monroe (The Ultimate Journey, 2000); it is part of an energy spectrum our science knows exists but cannot measure, influence, or understand. What we are scientifically aware of is that there are energied (80-90% of the universe!) that exist but which we know virtually nothing. .

The “M” field covers all energies inside and outside space-time, the the “EM” field studied by science is but one small aspect of it.  See Monroe’s work, and Hawkin’s “Power Versus Force” to better understand the energies involved. As the AFT process unfolds feelings change. Upsets become manageable or disappear. Life gets better. As with Grief, See D.R. Hawkins’s book, depression, and PTSD symptom relief can happen in a startlingly short period of time. The key to AFT is how it does what it does.

To shift the Mind’s energy AFT uses electromagnetic energy from loudspeakers. In many ways, it is like Trans Cranial Stimulation, but much more precise and faster.   Each energy point (Accupuncture point) in the body responds to a specific electromagnetic energy frequency field. These energy points involved are energy portals to our being.  Discovered thousands of years ago by the Chinese they can be stimulated in many ways.  AFT harnesses the electromagnetic energy that comes from a plug-in or Bluetooth speaker to accurately and rapidly stimulate sequences of the same points used by acupuncturists. Trans-Cranial Stimulation takes a different approach, subjecting the entire brain to a strong magnetic field in hope of targeting the brain centers that react to depressive energy.

While most people feel nothing, some have described the sensation as “being rained on, without being touched by the rain”.  The process is harmless, painless, and as safe as listening to recorded music.

We have found how to change the Mind easily. You listen, focus on what you are told, feel what you felt, or still feel, and you change.  Not a bad deal.

The universe does not work in the ways that we have
been taught.  It is time to awaken and to learn the truth.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD
Power versus Force (2002, Veritas)


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