Refund Offer

Limited time offer ending 1/31/2020

If you qualify and will help us, We will refund your purchase price!

In order to gather testimonials, we are offering to refund the purchase price of up to 100 users of each of our treatments. To qualify you must have: a) lost someone you loved and still grieve the loss; b), you must be or have been in treatment for depression and are still depressed; or, c) you must have been in the Military and are, or have been, treated for PTSD and still suffer from its after-effects. If you quality, are willing to answer a few questions; and, you are willing to provide us with a video testimonial, we will refund you the $99.99 purchase price. This offer is not for those who are simply curious, or those simply looking for something free. This is a “quid pro quo” offer. You help us and we will help you end your suffering.

This offer is part of a clinical trial. For it to be an accurate estimate of the effectiveness of the A4M treatments it should include only people who have the problems the treatments are designed to treat.   Please do not abuse this free offer! In our experience, if you are not willing to pay $99.99 to end your problem you are not suffering, you are curious. Don’t bother to use our product.


  1. Log on to the site, purchase access to the files, and indicate that you will provide a testimonial. If you cannot afford the purchase price and are willing to provide a testimonial, contact Dr. Ebert directly via email ( If you have no interest, or are unwilling to provide a testimonial, pay the purchase price and be done with it. You will not be asked to answer the questionnaires. You will be given direct access to the file(s) you want, and can use it/them as many times as you want for a week. Most users only need one or two uses to overcome their problem, but we allow a full week just to make sure. Some require longer than others because they must really think about what the narration says and asks them to do in their mind. Some people need to do both the grieving and depression files as is shown in the depression testimonial provided by Trudie.
  2. Once you purchase access to the available files and indicate you will provide a testimonial, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of simple questions about your problem, experience, and feelings. Following completion of the questionnaire you will be given access to the narrated file selected. You will be presented with a questionnaire for each file you use.
  3. You will have two weeks to send us a video testimonial in order to have your payment refunded. If you want to be refunded quickly, submit your testimonial quickly. Testimonials are sent to us using the “submit” button under the treatment file purchase button you pressed to make your purchase. Before you upload your testimonial you will be asked to complete the same questionnaire(s) you completed before you were given access to the files you used. Your responses to this questionnaire will be statically compared to the answers you provided before you used the treatment file. You can use your computer or cell phone to make an acceptable testimonial. If you use your cell phone you will have to transfer it to your computer to send it to us. Your testimonial should be 2-3 minutes long, or longer. It just needs to be long enough to tell “your story”, similar to the video testimonials now on the testimonial pages on this site. Good, bad, or indifferent we want your honest opinion. Don’t just “parrot” the testimonials we have already posted. We are not asking you to lie or try to please us in any way. Just tell the truth. Your testimonial will eventually be posted on our site, so do not give personal information you do not want to make public. Just use your first name, and if it is OK, the city/state/country in which you live.