About our testimonials

The testimonials on this site come from people that I have never met in person. Some of them I spoke to on the telephone, and others communicated just by email.

I will not publish testimonials from clients that I have treated in my practice. Why? Simply put, the testimonials are from people just like you. So you know that it is not me, that I am not some Svengali. Although trained in hypnosis, I do not control people’s minds or have the ability to control others. I have no sinister intent, nor am I merely interested in selling a product. I am a people helper, not a car salesman.

The best way I can help people is to get them to use what I have developed. Do I hope that AFT is a hit? Sure, and if it does, will I make money? Sure, that’s fair. Value received for value given. I will save everyone who uses it and avoids a therapist or psychiatrist and medications a ton of money. I will have allowed many people to get on with their lives rather than being stuck in misery. If people use AFT, everyone wins.

Testimonials by real people tell their story, in their words, and give you something you can directly identify. Why should you believe me? After all, everyone who has created something believes that it is the next best sneaker. They will tell you that there has never been a sneaker made like it before, and enthusiastically promote it. Or they have a profit motive and will say anything to make you believe them, whether they believe it or not.

One of the Depression videos (Joshi from India) tells the story. Joshi is a salesman who works in an advertising firm. He knows that everyone says their product is the best, and that most of the time it is promotional BS. It is how Joshi makes his living. But Joshi was desperate, and he was depressed, and he knew it. He was willing to try something new. Listen to his story; he tells it better than I can.

All of the testimonials tell the teller’s story better than I can, or better than any scholarly psychological article can. Real accounts by real people are real. Everything else is just so many words.

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