Since AFT deals with all emotional problems, why focus on Grieving?

All emotional problems have a beginning. Most people do not know what event started their problem. If you do not know when your emotional problem began, it is almost impossible to free yourself from it.

If you are grieving you are acutely aware of what happened and when. In an instant, your life changed and you are stuck in a nightmare you cannot escape. Your mind can be thought of as a TV or radio capable of presenting us with a variety of entertaining or upsetting videos or audios. Using this analogy, emotional problems, like grief, cause our playback system to get stuck on one channel or song – it keeps repeating even if we want it to stop. We can distract ourselves from the unpleasantness for moments, but it tends to dominate our awareness as soon as we are alone.

If you want to change the upsetting channel your mind is tuned into, you are in the right place.

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