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Do you want to get rid of your grief?

Grief is an emotion, not a thought or judgment about life. You can let go [...]

Thoughts on grieving

Greater love does not mean greater grief! To overcome grief you must focus on the [...]

What are Attractor Fields?

 “Attractor” is the term mathematicians and physicists use to describe an abstract concept: “the thing [...]

Myths and Mysteries of Mind, Body, and Consciousness.

Originally published ©2003 R. K. Ebert, Ph.D.   Lectures about consciousness are easy to find. [...]

About our testimonials

The testimonials on this site come from people that I have never met in person. [...]

Using the AFT treatments

It is best to use external speakers to listen to the AFT treatments, either plug-in [...]

Since AFT deals with all emotional problems, why focus on Grieving?

All emotional problems have a beginning. Most people do not know what event started their [...]

Is AFT similar to Meditation?

Many controlled studies show the benefits of Meditation. Some recommend it for treating Grief and [...]

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